mpp pipe/MPP電力電纜管的原料介紹


                            mpp pipe/MPP電力電纜管的原料介紹

                              mpp pipe/MPP電力電纜管的原料介紹




                              MPP power pipe adopts modified polypropylene as the main raw material, which is a construction project for laying pipelines and cables in special sections such as roads, railways, buildings and riverbed without massive dredging, soil excavation and pavement damage. Compared with the traditional "trenching and burying pipe method", the trenchless power pipe project is more suitable for the current environmental protection requirements and removes the disturbing factors such as dust and traffic congestion caused by the traditional construction. This technology can also lay pipelines in some areas where the excavation operation cannot be carried out, such as historic sites protection areas, downtown areas, crop and farmland protection areas, highways, rivers, etc.

                              With the characteristics of high temperature resistance and external pressure resistance, it is suitable for the pipe material of cable Bank of high-voltage transmission line above 10kV.

                              110mm ~ 250mm, divided into ordinary type and reinforced type. The ordinary type is applicable to excavation and laying construction and trenchless crossing construction, and the buried depth is less than 4m; The reinforced type is applicable to projects with a buried depth of more than 4m in trenchless crossing construction. This product has passed the test of the national chemical building materials testing center and achieved good social and economic benefits.







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